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OuR Story

Blame the Brand on a Vintage Lovin' Soul!

Hi, I’m Rae Finn, Founder of Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones. I started collecting Vintage clothing and curbside gold with my Dad when I was little.

I learned at an early age, that nothing was to be wasted. You never know when you might need one of your found  treasuresCertainly with vintage fashion, nothing ever will go out of style. I found myself  revamping, deconstructing and bedazzling clothing in High School in the little town where I grew up, Holliston, Massachusetts.  Each piece of clothing I rescued was like a treasure to me, full of history and begging for it's next big fashion chapter.


In 2011, myself along with my good friend Julie started spinning our wagon wheels to come up with a country, old school, local t-shirt and Vintage clothing company. After a lil' bit of "barn storming", cold beers and whiskey cheers... Hogwash 'n Rhinestones was born!


Whether you’re a rockstar, or you just want to look like one, Hogwash ‘n Rhinestones is the place where old is new again...

where good karma is paid forward..where you'll find one of a

kind pieces that celebrate your uniqueness!!!

Take a look around and be sure to join our community here.

We can’t wait to get to know you!

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